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Royal Republic announce new album 'LoveCop' & release title track






Surrender your ears as Royal Republic are back with the release of their new album LoveCop on June 7th via Odyssey Music. You can pre-order the album here.


The self-proclaimed Power-Disco quartet have also released the title track, an audacious anthem which comes with its own 80s inspired workout video to guide your groove with the infectious sweat-dripping bass lines, stadium sized choruses and explosive Van Halen-esque guitar solo.


The band comment, “This one is here to inform all the love-abiding citizens that you’re basically free to do whatever the fuck you want. If that’s not enough to make you wanna take off your clothes and dance, you are hereby charged with two counts of being a drag. 

LoveCop says you have the right to remain loud! You have the right to remain wicked. So put your hands behind your head... and dance!”




Produced by Adam Grahn and Michael Ilbert at the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin, LoveCop is the band’s fifth studio album and sees them at their most bold, brazen and brilliant. The band also recently teased the upcoming album with the release of ‘My House’, which is another dirty guitar driven, funk-fuelled feisty anthem, which the band proclaim is “the latest weapon in the fight against bad parties.” Watch the video here.


Breaking all rock'n’roll norms since 2007, the Swedish power-disco quartet are formed of Adam Grahn (vocals), Hannes Irengård (guitar), Jonas Almén (bass) and Per Andreasson (drums). They first came onto the scene with their 2010 debut album We Are The Royal, which features the hit single ‘Tommy Gun’, and have evolved through albums like Save The Nation and Club Majesty.


Also known as a tour-de-force in the live arena, the band have been announced for this year’s Download Festival playing on Sunday June 16th, where their irresistible blend of sass, riffs and puns will enthrall audiences again.


Royal Republic’s unfettered joy in their craft is contagious so get ready for a musical rollercoaster as LoveCop will melt your hearts and set fire to your speakers.


A sweaty one-night stand between Metallica and Michael Bolton, LoveCop is here to free you from your shackles and read you your rights.




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