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Soen release video for 'Hollowed' - new album out now






Following the release of their highly praised new album Memorial, Soen have released the video for the new single ‘Hollowed featuring vocals from acclaimed singer Elisa. Listen and purchase the album at this location.

Memorial sees the band overall take a heavier approach to their craft but the new single ‘Hollowed’ is a hugely powerful and gushing ballad, which stands out as a powerful bridge across the album’s ten tracks. The song sees guitarist Cody Ford shine with an epic and intense Pink Floyd tinged guitar solo, whilst tender vocals are traded throughout from singer and founding member Joel Ekelöf and Italian star Elisa.

Elisa has firmly established herself as a global superstar during her more than twenty-year career. Her collaboration with Ennio Morricone, ‘Ancora qui’, was featured in Quentin Tarantino's film, Django Unchained and its Grammy nominated soundtrack album. Just some of her other achievements include her albums going triple platinum and collaborations with the likes of Muse, Imagine Dragons, Tina Turner and Pavarotti & Friends.

Ekelöf comments, “’Hollowed’ is a song about moving away from the place and persons that have been your home. It’s also the first time we ever have had a guest appearance on one of our albums and the turnout was more than successful. Elisa is such a talented singer and she truly made this song reach the emotional intensity that it deserves.”

Drummer and co-founding member Martin Lopez adds, “the message of the track is powerful and is about whether to make the decision of either leaving behind what once was a perfect harmony but has turned into dissonance, or to just stay there and maybe spend the rest of your life trying to revive something that is already dead.”

Listen to ‘Hollowed (Feat. Elisa)’ here

The new single follows the release of the biting track ‘Violence’, the ferocious war inspired title track ‘Memorial’ and the hard hitting ‘Unbreakable’.

Never ones to take the restrained path, Soen face down the ills and ways of current society with a crisp, wounded venom that betrays their pain, anger and frustrations. Each guitar carries a greater serrated edge, each melody a richer heart, each lyric a soul and spleen venting definitive proclamation. At the same time, Soen’s unique blend of progression, aggression, and beauty shows more maturity than ever before.

Following their incredible performances at this year’s summer festivals across Europe, Soen, completed by Lars Enok Åhlund (Keyboards and Guitar), Oleksii ‘Zlatoyar’ Kobel (Bass) and Cody Ford (Lead Guitar), will be heading out on their Memorial European tour, which will kick off in this month in Odense, Denmark. The band also recently announced new dates seeing them bring Memorial to the United States, Canada and Mexico. The tour will kick-off in May 2024 in Chicago, Illinois. Full list of confirmed dates, tickets, and additional information available at this location.

“The creativity and artistic evolution of the Swedes is impressive and undeniable...deep and committed...Powerful and sensitive” METALLIAN

“The right balance between sensitivity and power...constantly navigating between melody, strength and technical complexity...beautiful lyrical and orchestral enchanting parenthesis, as rare as it is precious... of the pillars of the current progressive metal” – HARDFORCE

Memorial is the perfect triad of progress, aggressiveness and beauty. Already a really hot contender for 'album of the year'” – ROCK HARD

“The five-piece delivers everything demanding metal-lovers fancy” – METAL HAMMER (DE) Album Of the Month

“Huge drums, mighty guitar storms, gorgeous melodies and emphatic vocals…you can’t elude this energy!” – ECLIPSED

“Extremely multilayered” – CLASSIC ROCK

"Memorial has so much to say, really so much. You just need to know how to listen." – METALHEAD.IT

“A serious candidate for prog metal record of the year, between 80s legacies, influences from Tool and Muse, digressions into jazz and lots of groove” – SUFFISSOCORE

"In Memorial, we find how music creates a fusion with pathos through empathy, which, merging with catharsis, together generates a unique emotional union that deeply connects us to the vibrations of the soul" – METALSHUTTER

“Emotional and breathless work with a perfect production” – HEAVY METAL WEBZINE

“The quality of Memorial is omnipresent and together with the sparkling energy and inspiration the band showcases it's not surprising that Soen has become Album Of the Month” – AARDSCHOK Album Of the Month

Memorial is one of the best prog metal albums of the decade.'' HEADBANGERS LIFESTYLE

“While in the past referred to other bands as influences, now the band has created its own identity.'' ROCK TRIBUNE

Memorial is huge, it’s like a mountain…it gets under your skin and into your every cell! You can really feel this music. Memorial has so beautiful moments, that it makes me want to cry just for the sake of it” – LEVYARVOSTELUT.FI

“…newest musical masterpiece…they incorporate incredible storytelling with shades of ‘light in the dark’ into their lush power metal songs. The band continues to be inspired by their musical past while keeping a keen eye on the future.” – MY GLOBAL MIND

“An album that is likely to challenge a few top tens come the end of 2023…There aren’t many bands who improve on every record, but Soen have once again demonstrated their worth with a career-best release. Fluid, organic, and inspirational, Memorial is breathtaking from start to finish.” – METAL TALK

“The soul of Soen's music at this point is in the way everything blends together into an emotional avalanche… Soen continues to make the kind of modern metal I am clamoring for; heavy in both literal and metaphorical terms. Soen has made it a two-horse race for Album Of The Year, once again delivering a treatise on what mainstream metal should be in this decade.” – BLOODY-GOOD-MUSIC.COM

Memorial is out now, via Silver Lining Music. Available as a Deluxe CD, 12” Vinyl Album in Black and colour variants, digital formats and special D2C products and bundles. To purchase and stream the album, go to this location


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