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Tian Qiyi feat. Jah Wobble release new single 'Red Mist'







Tian Qiyi have released the title-track ‘Red Mist’ from their forthcoming album, which is coming out September 29th via Pagoda Arts.

The track is an eclectic mix of hip-hop, contemporary sounds and psychedelic post-rock with traditional Chinese instrumentation, which builds slowly before its peak delivery of urgent verse over slick grooves.

Charlie says, “Lyrically it was inspired by films like apocalypse now and come and see. We’d composed the song already; the atmosphere of the music gave me the same emotion as those films did, so it felt organic.

“I didn’t want to write a single, structured storyline in the lyrics, or create a motif/theme of sorts with the vocal melody. We try to treat vocals as an instrument in our music as opposed to its presence being the core of the song like a lot of music nowadays.”

John adds, “Out of all the tracks off the album I think this one (red mist) really shows a bit of everything we grew up listening to, bits of traditional Chinese music, hip hop, rock and jazz.”

Comprising of brothers John Tian Qi Wardle and Charlie Tian Yi Wardle, Red Mist sees the pair explore a myriad of sound through their innovative and unique blend of traditional Chinese music with contemporary sounds. “Me and my brother focus on music made in the moment. We like to keep it spontaneous.” says Charlie.

The album also features their father, Jah Wobble, a prominent bass player who has collaborated with various musicians such as Brian Eno, Bill Laswell and Bjork. Discussing Tian Qiyi and the new album Wobble says, “As my career inexorably comes to its close, my sons are taking the mantle.”

Born and raised in England, John and Charlie were exposed to a diverse range of musical styles and traditions from a young age. Their mother, Zilan Liao, is a skilled and globally respected guzheng player from Guangzhou China, who has performed at various events and concerts across the world and has influenced their musical style immensely and led to the formation Tian Qiyi and share their innovative musical style with the world.

You can also hear a brilliant performance of ‘Red Mist’ featuring both Jah Wobble and Zilan Liao from a recent session for 6 Music on the Riley & Coe show here.

The new single follows the release of the captivating lead track ‘Incantation’, which fuses electric Jazz with traditional Chinese instrumentation. You can watch the video here. You can also see a short performance of ‘Incantation’ on the band’s Tik Tok page, which has had a huge response with over 938,500 views. Watch the clip here.

In the heart of Liverpool and the oldest China Town in the UK is the Pagoda Arts Centre, which is home to the Pagoda Orchestra, who recently celebrated its 40th Anniversary, and who was founded John and Charlie’s grandfather K.H. Li.

Red Mist showcases their creative approach to music-making and ability to seamlessly blend genre and sound through a range of tracks that are both energetic and danceable and haunting and reflective, demonstrating their versatility as musicians.

The new album also serves a testament to their talent and hard work and their commitment to preserving the essence of traditional Chinese music while infusing it with modern, contemporary and experimental sounds that push boundaries and make it exciting.


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